Dim Sum Dollies - Singapore's Most Wanted!

Dream Academy Productions
Explanade Theatre, Singapore

Yes, that's the name of the funniest cabaret-inspired musical show in town! Starring the irepressible trio of Selena Tan, Pamela Oei and Emma Yong, these dollies are bound to make you laugh in more ways than one.

Singapore's Most Wanted!, the third edition of the Dollies saga conceptualised by Selena Tan back in 2002, is a hilarious romp through the quirks and quibbles of all things Singaporean. I have to admit that last year's show, Steaming!, was probably slightly better as an entire package but in terms of entertainment, this year's offering is every bit as good.

The show starts with a innocuous yet arresting scene of three kindergarten girls standing with their fingers on their lips, having been punished by their teacher. They whisper to each other about how they will have no more time to play when they enter Primary One and how they have to start, almost immediately, to prepare for their PSLE. The not-so-subtle digs at the education system are immediately made manifest.

Suddenly, in an almost surreal Disney-esque manner, three winged creatures descend from the top of the stage, supported on tiny seat-like contraptions. Like fairy godmothers the Dollies tell the girls not to worry and to have fun, banishing their irate teacher (Hossan Leong in a hilarious drag cameo) to the onstage piano to accompany their opening number. The scene is set for two hours of fun and laughter as the curtains go up to reveal a glittering staircase, a live band and a troupe of lithe dancing hunks who dutifully divest their garments upon a single command by the Dollies.

The rest of the two-hour performance consists of several vignettes, each dissecting a particular aspect of Singapore life through a series of colourful song and dance numbers. The puns are painful, the humour is unabashedly lewd at times but the laughter is indeed nonstop. You'll look at yourself and others around you a little differently, I can certainly guarantee.


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