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£¥€$ (LIES)

by Ontroerend Goed Singapore International Festival of Arts 2023 SOTA Studio Theatre, Singapore The Singapore International Festival of Arts 2023 experience kicks off with £¥€$ (LIES) , a show that feels like a life-sized board game. Helmed by Belgian collective Ontroerend Goed which has carved out a niche in participatory performance, audience members are invited into what appears to be a casino set up for a game of blackjack. Our croupier-host informs us that our table is a country and each individual is a bank within that country. The goal? Make as much money as you can.  We start with an allotted amount of capital and roll dice to multiply our holdings. Some people win, others lose. More complicated concepts are gradually introduced: fractional reserve banking to expand liquidity, bonds, shorting, the impact of credit ratings. The game becomes more strategic as we pay attention to what's happening both within our country and outside. When a financial crisis finally breaks out,

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