The Physicists

by Friedrich Durrenmatt
Luna-id Theatre
DBS Arts Centre, Singapore

Just caught Luna-id's production of Swiss-German playwright Friedrich Durrenmatt's The Physicists. Having watched their previous production of Harold Pinter's double bill The Lover and The Dumb Waiter in January, I found their latest offering just as profound, deep and richly textured. The acting was superb, the talented cast bringing to life a play not only fifty years old, but one that was translated from the German language at that.

Director Samantha Scott-Blackhall does a marvellous job with Durrenmatt's play - a grim indictment of man's evil nature - and succeeds in capturing the moments of black comedy perfectly. 

Sebastian Zeng's set design is all minimalist chic, spectacularly toppled at the end of Act I to form the setting for Act II. Lighting (or the lack of it) is very well employed too. An altogether pleasant and intriguing night out at the theatre. 

Can't wait for W!LD RICE's localised adaptation of Durrenmatt's The Visit which I'm catching next week.


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