16th Life Theatre Awards 2016

The 16th M1-The Straits Times Life Theatre Awards was held yesterday afternoon at the Esplanade Recital Studio. This year saw the largest number of awards ever given out (fifteen) with a brand new category for children's theatre.

W!LD RICE's epic, five-hour homage to Singapore's storied history, Hotel, was the very deserving star of the show, bagging a total of four awards: Best Original Script, Best Director, Best Ensemble and the coveted Production of the Year. Shout-outs are also due to The LKY Musical and Off Centre.

Full list of winners and nominees below. Heartiest congratulations to all!

- It Won't Be Too Long (The Lesson and The Cemetery: Dawn & Dusk) (Drama Box)
- Off Centre (Oliver Chong; Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay)
- The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers (Ong Keng Sen/SIFA)
- The LKY Musical (Metropolitan Productions/Singapore Repertory Theatre)
PRODUCTION OF THE YEAR (READER'S CHOICE) - The LKY Musical (Metropolitan Productions/SRT)

BEST PRODUCTION FOR THE YOUNG - The Wee Question Mark And The Adventurer - A Children's Musical (The Theatre Practice)
- Journey West: Web Of Deceit (Paper Monkey Theatre)
- Roald Dahl's George's Marvellous Medicine (Players Theatre)
- Samsui Women: One Brick At A Time (The Finger Players; Esplanade)
- Treasure Island (Singapore Repertory Theatre's The Little Company)

BEST DIRECTOR - Ivan Heng and Glen Goei (Hotel; W!LD RICE)
- Alvin Tan (untitled women)
- Kok Heng Leun, Koh Wan Ching and Li Xie (It Won't Be Too Long (The Lesson and The Cemetery: Dawn & Dusk)
- Ong Keng Sen (The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers)
- Tracie Pang (Tribes)

BEST ACTOR - Adrian Pang (The LKY Musical; Metropolitan Productions/SRT)
- Ebi Shankara (Off Centre)
- Khairudin Samsudin (Geng Rebut Cabinet)
- Thomas Pang (Tribes)
- Yang Shi Bin (The Struggle: Years Later)

BEST ACTRESS - Siti Khalijah Zainal (Off Centre; Oliver Chong/Esplanade) 
- Karen Tan (Emily Of Emerald Hill)
- Li Xie (Legends Of The Southern Arch)
- Neo Swee Lin (Geng Rebut Cabinet)
- Oon Shu An (Chinglish)

BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR - Benjamin Chow (The LKY Musical; Metropolitan Productions/SRT)
- Ghafir Akbar (Public Enemy)
- Johnny Ng (The Lower Depths)
- Norisham Osman (Ma'Ma Yong: About Nothing Much To Do)
- Tay Kong Hui (The Lower Depths)

- Edith Podesta (Versus)
- Frances Lee (Beauty World)
- Jalyn Han (Tartuffe)
- Yap Yi Kai (Public Enemy)

- Another Country (W!LD RICE)
- It Won't Be Too Long (The Lesson and The Cemetery: Dawn & Dusk) (Drama Box)
- Normal (Checkpoint Theatre)

BEST ORIGINAL SCRIPT - Alfian Sa'at and Marcia Vanderstraaten (Hotel; W!LD RICE)
- Alfian Sa'at (Geng Rebut Cabinet)
- Chong Tze Chien (Seed)
- Jean Tay (It Won't Be Too Long (The Cemetery: Dusk))
- Tony Petito (book) and Meira Chand (story) (The LKY Musical) 

BEST SET DESIGN - Wong Chee Wai (Legends Of The Southern Arch; The Theatre Practice)
- Chris Chua (Titoudao)
- Wong Chee Wai (Hotel)
- Wong Chee Wai (Public Enemy)
- Wong Chee Wai (Tribes)

BEST LIGHTING DESIGN - Dorothy Png (Legends Of The Southern Arch; The Theatre Practice)
- Gabriel Chan (The LKY Musical)
- James Tan (Public Enemy)
- Lim Woan Wen (Hotel)
- Lim Woan Wen (Seed)

BEST SOUND DESIGN - Bani Haykal (untitled women; The Necessary Stage)
- Darren Ng (Off Centre)
- Darren Ng (The Spirits Play)
- Darren Ng (The Struggle: Years Later)
Jeffrey Yue (Descendants Of The Eunuch Admiral)

BEST COSTUME DESIGN - Reckless Ericka (The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers; Ong Keng Sen/SIFA)
- Moe Kassim (Legends Of The Southern Arch)
- Theresa Chan (Hotel)
- Tube Gallery by Phisit & Saxit (The Emperor's New Clothes)
- Yang Derong (Beauty World) 

BEST MULTIMEDIA DESIGN - Brian Gothong Tan (The Incredible Adventures Of Border Crossers; Ong Keng Sen/SIFA)
- Brian Gothong Tan (Versus)
- Kelvin Chew (Descendants Of The Eunuch Admiral)
- Loo Zihan and Kelvin Chew (With/Out)
- Ong Kian Peng (Upstage)


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