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Moby Dick

based on the novel by Herman Melville Plexus Polaire Singapore International Festival of Arts 2024 Singtel Waterfront Theatre, Singapore This opening show of the SIFA 2024, presented by French-Norwegian theatre company Plexus Polaire and directed by Yngvild Aspeli, is a rich, immersive feat of the imagination. Featuring just seven actors, it brings Herman Melville’s sprawling 1851 maritime novel, widely regarded as a cornerstone of American literature, to life using fifty intricately-designed puppets, multimedia projections and live music. Unfurling in just ninety minutes, Aspeli’s production naturally makes some sacrifices. Melville’s long, philosophical passages about various aspects of the whaling trade have largely been excised, the language is crisp and modern and we focus on key episodes from the novel rather than detailed character development. At the heart of course is Captain Ahab’s dogged pursuit of the titular white sperm whale that claimed his leg on a previous voyage and

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