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by Joel Tan
Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore

It only takes a spark to get a fire going, a well-known hymn goes. And in our world of social media, this could not be more true. In Tango, PANGDEMONIUM's first original local production, that spark is an elderly waitress at a Chinese restaurant who refuses to serve a same-sex couple and their adoptive son. When a video of her actions is shared online, this erupts into vitriol, heated debates and a protest rally that rocks the country.
Inspired by the blog 4 Relative Strangers about the parenting experiences of real-life gay couple Mark and Ed Koh-Waite, Tango is a heartfelt and passionate examination of how individuals navigate the meaning of family in Singapore. The opening scene of the play at the restaurant is in fact based on a real event experienced by the couple. The title, meanwhile, derives from children's book And Tango Makes Three about two male penguins who adopt a baby - a book which was infamously transferred…

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