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G*d is a Woman

by Joel Tan WILD RICE Ngee Ann Kongsi Theatre, Singapore August turned out to be a whirlwind month of Singapore theatre for me and ended, rather appropriately, with a revival of Joel Tan's Mosaic , a witty, darkly humorous tale of forgotten spaces and millennial angst. Tan has lost none of his razor-sharp wit in this latest play, a spicy political satire directed by Ivan Heng and presented by WILD RICE, which digs its claws sharply into arts censorship, complaint culture and social media activism.  It revolves around a fictitious Singapore festival director who has had the headlining work of his arts festival, God is a Woman, censored by the authorities due to some nudity. His friend, a playwright, is appalled and decides to channel his umbrage into writing a fake online petition in the voice of a "concerned citizen" to cancel an upcoming Ariana Grande concert that happens to bear the same name. "Please respect God's pronouns", it earnestly argues.  This ve

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