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Late Company

by Jordan Tannahill
Victoria Theatre, Singapore

Debora (Janice Koh) and Michael (Edward Choy) are setting the table for dinner. He brings out the wine. She fiddles with the music. Everything looks civilised except that tonight's agenda is not about food. The couple are finally, after one year, about to meet Curtis (Xander Pang), the bully allegedly responsible for the suicide of their son Joel, together with his parents Tamara (Karen Tan) and Bill (Adrian Pang). They want answers. They want to know what caused their funny, talented sixteen-year-old boy to take his own life in the bathroom.

This blistering drama by Canadian playwright Jordan Tannahill interrogates the world of cyber bullying, teen suicide and modern parenting. It's a brilliant start to PANGDEMONIUM's 2019 season themed around 'Present Tense/Future Perfect', reflecting the uneasy relationship we have with the world of today - a world where, more than ever,  institutions and individuals str…

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