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by curious directive 
Singapore International Festival of Arts 2019
SOTA Studio Theatre, Singapore

We've seen the use of technology several times in the theatre. Singaporean company spell#7 by Kaylene Tan and Paul Rae is well-known for their audio plays which blend live performance with recorded soundscapes. In Songbird, a multimedia theatre adventure unfolded entirely through the use of an iPhone/iPad application, where audience members walked around, scanning QR codes at designated spots and receiving clues about the story  of a missing songwriter. 
This unique SIFA production by science-driven UK theatre company curious directiveuses virtual reality (VR) and live performance to push the storytelling experience to yet greater heights.  

The plot itself unfolds like a good, old-fashioned murder mystery. In the present day, coral reef scientist Meera (Annabel Betts) is being questioned by a detective. Her father has been charged with the death of teenage girl Ashleigh (Milla Webb) w…

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