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Army Daze 2

by Michael Chiang
music by Don Richmond
Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore

There’s no denying the impact of Michael Chiang’s Army Daze, which brought the world of national service (NS) to the Singapore stage for the first time in 1987. This light-hearted tale of the misadventures of five recruits as they bungled through Basic Military Training captured the Singapore zeitgeist in a way that transcended race, class and language and went on to become one of local theatre’s biggest hits, spawning multiple revivals, a box-office smashing film and a star-studded 25th anniversary musical version.
Now, in conjunction with the golden jubilee of NS and the play’s 30th anniversary, Chiang has written that much anticipated sequel, set thirty years later.

But should he have bothered? As much as we love clueless mummy’s boy Malcolm Png (Hossan Leong) and his crew of colourful misfits – earthy Ah Beng (Joshua Lim), equable Krishna (Ebi Shankara), easy-going Johari (Saiful Amri) and effervescent Kenny (Sh…

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