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Secretive Thing 215

by Secretive Thing
M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2020: My Country and My People
(organised and curated by TNS)
Centre 42 and Waterloo area, Singapore

As far as fringe theatre goes, this one-person experiential event is quite thrilling. It comes from an unknown local entity called Secretive Thing and we have absolutely no idea what to expect.

Prior to the event, we are contacted via WhatsApp by co-creators Lemon & Koko and asked to bring a fully charged phone and a set of earphones. We are also told that this will be a rain or shine roving event.

On the day of the 'show', we get a text from the Glasgo Mascon Kline (GMK) Medical Institute, telling us that our application to join their “revolutionary medical community” has been successful. We are due to report for a mandatory scanning session at Centre 42. With a mix of excitement and slight nervousness, I am handed a luminous yellow safety vest by a front-of-house volunteer and proceed for the scanning at the back of the buildin…

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