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The Son

by Florian Zeller
Drama Centre Theatre, Singapore

Everyone tells us that a person battling mental health issues should seek professional help. But how exactly does one find the means to get the help they need? When confronted with a loved one who experiences such issues, how does a family unit react and figure out what is the right thing to do?
Pangdemonium’s latest production, which kicks off its tenth anniversary season, is a gripping excavation of teenage depression. Written by acclaimed French novelist and playwright Florian Zeller (whose plays The Father and The Truth were both recently staged here), this blistering family drama took the West End by storm late last year.

Very little is offered by way of explanation as to why sixteen-year-old Nicolas (Zachary Pang) has seemingly lost the will to go on; he hardly says anything and we learn he has skipped school for three months. The only clue we have is the fact that his parents have recently divorced. Yet, things hardly…

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