Crack the Case: Mind-Hunter

by Krish Natarajan
Sight Lines Entertainment and Strawberries Inc.
42 Waterloo Street, Singapore

Sight Lines Entertainment pioneered a series of immersive theatrical adventures during the pandemic with Murder at Mandai Camp and has developed quite a niche in the genre. Their latest event, a collaboration with spunky theatrical creative agency Strawberries Inc., is a live murder mystery where one gets to play the detective. 

Written and directed by Krish Natarajan, Crack The Case: Mind Hunter invites us to partner with the CID to beta-test a device that helps us study criminal minds. The subject in question is David Menon, a psychopath suspected of abducting three women. How did he do it? What happened to his victims? That's for us find out. Yes, we quickly learn that this is not a whodunnit so much as a whydunnit. We are sent a digital case file upon checking into the venue and after an introductory briefing, are given free rein to wander through various spaces within a heritage building (the blue house at 42 Waterloo Street) where we hunt for clues. 

Throughout the experience, live scenes play out in the different spaces, sometimes simultaneously, delving into various moments in Menon's past and introducing us to a few key characters. It's a fun experience where one is sometimes torn between following the crowd or simply breaking off to explore something on one's own. Participants have a chance to discuss their findings in a group session at the end before all is revealed. 

Combining the thrill of a detective game with the power of live theatre, this is a show that will find fans for those who enjoy escape rooms and immersive adventures. There is no shortage of theatrical talent on display with fantastic performances by the small cast (Gosteloa Spancer, Janine Eng, Rebekah Sangeetha Dorai, Shrey Bhargava and newcomer Dharshan Nathan in an impressive professional theatre debut) and some clever props which have their own stories waiting to be discovered. There's even a VIP version of the event where one gets an bonus scene and a few extra hacks to get a headstart on the sleuthing.

I would have liked to see some of the storylines better rounded out and while I appreciated the economy of the cast, getting a few additional perspectives and perhaps using film or recorded messages to tell part of the story might have given the experience more texture. That said, it definitely requires a bit of brainpower to piece together (I didn't manage to fully figure it out!) and this is a really fun experience to share with friends on a night out. 

The Crystalwords score: 3/5


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